Even with hindsight, it truly was a historical event. The first time Western potters visited the area and were invited to work together with the Chinese Masters.

Ah Leon was the big initiator and I am still grateful to have had the experience. For 2 weeks we were the guests of "Purple Sands Factory No. 5" and we were given every opportunity to make work and interact with the people.


In this movie you will see the "coming to be" of my most famous two teapots. It was Guh Wei Fen who helped me in realizing something that started as a virtual dream. One of the biggest presents I ever got in my life...


It was filmed in 1996, edited in 1998, put on DVD in 2005 and now, 2009 for all to see, on the internet
Though long (42 minutes), it is not re-edited, as some of you said you want to see the whole story.


cut-outs from this movie are viewable on YouTube as well:

Yixing Teapot making(11:32m)

Yixing Teapots by Jeroen Bechtold(13:17m)

please also look at the other pages for more background information, should you want it.

> on this Yixing experience
> the history of Yixing
>Jeroen's teapots that came to be, as a result of this all.