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list of participants of this symposium (with the best links to their work or website I could find)

Ah Leon (organiser)

Janet Deboos (Australia)

Steve Davies (Australia)

Carolyn Broadwell (USA)

Susanne Wolfe (USA)

Karen Winograde (USA)

Anne Gary (USA)

Terry Gess (USA)

Billie Jean Theide (USA)

Richard Swanson (USA)

Fritz Rossmann (Germany)

Barbara Frey (USA)

Coille Hooven (USA)

Dominique Morin (France)

Geo Lastomirsky (USA)

John Neely (USA)

Richard Notkin (USA)

Pete Pinnell (USA)

Phillip Cornelius (USA)

Jeroen Bechtold (NL)


interesting links to more information on Yixing:

Article "Tiny teapots with huge history" by Joke Denissen in T collectors Magazine, 1997 (pdf-download)


Author Marvin Sweet: publications/Yixing.pdf‎(pdf-download)




amazing teapotmakers


John Neely

Richard Notkin

Tineke van Gils